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  • GitHoot: Debugging AWS CloudFront issues live with SSH

    What does SSH has to do with GitHoot, blogging and AWS CloudFront? CDN caching is vital for static resources like blog posts or RSS and Atom feeds. They can be tricky to setup when you need to re-deploy every time you change anything cache related in your code. SSH can help with that. In this blog post we'll configure CloudFront caching live, right from our dev machine without ever re-deploying anything or even touching the AWS config. This should work just as well for CloudFlare and other CDN providers. Enjoy.

  • GitHoot: Tailscaling the game of curling

    Curling behind the enemy lines: debugging web-resource connectivity - AWS VPC edition

  • GitHoot: GitHoot in a nutshell

    Updated 8d ago

    GitHoot: blogging distilled to a GitHub gist